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The German health care system is in the process of restructuring, driven by digital impulses and personalized medicine, redesigning healthcare provision with the patient at its heart. This change also affects health insurance companies, which are forced to expand their traditional roles as sole "payers" and to transform their portfolio to provide more innovative and patient-centered services.

The Challenge

Health insurance within digital transformation
In an increasingly digitalized healthcare system, health insurance companies are entrusted with fundamental and challenging tasks: Providers drive the digitalization of care, connect members, provide information on health topics, and create additional value for all involved parties. Digitalization of healthcare thus bears two faces: The digital transformation bears enormous potential for a company's own strengths on one hand, as well as considerable challenges to manage the digital transformation in their own organization.

Health insurance providers should therefore ask themselves the following questions:

  • How is management inspired, how are employees mobilized?
  • How does one remain competitive and secure for the future in the digital environment?
  • What does digitalization mean in concrete terms for health insurance providers?
  • Which company areas and processes can be digitized to create value?

The solution

Understanding impulses as an opportunity for further development
The professional world and the healthcare sector are changing in many different ways. This drives health insurance providers to find answers to the questions about the future and take appropriate action. A comprehensive view helps – in particular concerning the digital transformation. Often, radical changes are necessary which affect

  • cultural change,
  • organizational development,
  • personal development,
  • corporate governance, and
  • the view of management.

This approach is the only way to successfully utilize technological innovation and disruptive industrial mechanisms to the benefit of the company.

Our Approach

Step-by-step digitalization
Some companies have already outlined a digital vision, others need to first organize the digital initiatives launched or ongoing all over the place and define their target position. SKC finds solutions that can be implemented step by step in concrete terms. Together with our clients, we develop the Opportunities of Digitalization for the company, building on deep understanding of medicine, care, and the respective market environment, our exclusive access to regulators, and knowledge of the modes of action for digitalization within companies.

Transformation with the patient and the insurant at its heart
From SKC's view, there is optimization potential in

  • digitizing operations,
  • the relationship with the insured person and the patient and improving the customer experience,
  • deepening partnerships – with service providers and other business partners – as well as
  • reviewing the business model – by expanding product options, using a company's own resources in the new digital context, and implementing digital innovations.
  • Digital transformation and digital strategy development

    Cooperative development of digitization strategies and support and guidance of SHIs during the whole process of digital transformation. Customer-centered redesign of established business models using the Business Model Canvas or the Value Proposition Canvas.

  • Project management

    Support of internal and external project teams and application of modern development methods as agile project management, lean start-up, or design thinking.

  • Digital care provision projects

    Development and implementation of digital and customer-oriented healthcare provision concepts. Support in the formulation of digital provision objectives.

  • Innovation fund applications

    Support in the entire process of innovation fund applications. Scientific evaluation of new care provision concepts and health service research.

  • Evaluation of digital health solutions

    Assessment and evaluation of digital health solutions and digital health applications regarding positive care effects.

  • Evaluation of contract models and support with contract negotiations

    Support in the entire process of contract negotiations with medical technology or pharmaceutical companies. Assessment and evaluation of selective contracts according to §140a SGB V, as well as evaluation of innovative performance-oriented contracts with (pay for performance) and risk-sharing concepts.

  • Coaching of executives and development of digital competencies

    Intensive training of leaders or entire teams in the usage of digital working methods to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work. Further development of existing skills and creation of a corporate digital mindset.

  • Team development

    Team development to strengthen the collaborative and self-organizing skills ("teaming"). Transition support on the way to learning new digital working methods, processes and roles using sample projects, for long-term customer-centric performance orientation.

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