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Human resources development and management training for health care sector.

Whether it’s in clinical care, research and development or the negotiation of optimal contract terms, healthcare is a “people’s business” – it depends on each and every individual und the interaction between them. Only with a synchronized and harmonious cooperation can the complexity of the system and the variety of influencing factors be mastered. With the Leadership Institute we have developed a platform and suitable format to strengthen and empower the responsible individuals so that chances are not wasted, potential is not left unutilized and obstacles are not insurmountable.

We strengthen your strengths.


Health care is a people’s business

The course of our work with strategic issues and their realization enables us to comprehend that the implementation of a forward-looking strategy does not only require appropriate processes and structures but also a cooperative approach and a guiding leadership in order to reach its full potential. The company’s culture is the glue that holds all three dimensions together and in balance.

Therefore, we support companies in all three disciplines: in the development of concecpts and strategies („strategic thinking“) and by cooperating within your organization („working/operating together“). Furthermore, we support you in further developing the leaders as essential cultural carriers („succesful leadership“).

Discipline 1: Strategic Thinking

The fierce competition and the fast pace of “the world out there” demand for modern, responsive and fluid organizations. The times in which strategic thinking was a “supreme discipline” reserved for a small exclusive group behind closed doors are over. Each impulse is relevant, each customer contact significant. Strategic thinking has become a fundamental virtue. We are familiar with the content and skills we need to teach and train to increase the strategic competence of a company due to our teaching experience at leading international business schools (including Harvard, Wharton, Tuck, TIAS). Trust your mind and us.

Everybody can do strategy.

Discipline 2: Working Together (Teaming)

The degree of complexity of unsolved problems is steadily increasing. Facing this situation we must appear like our prehistoric ancestors in the hunt for a mammoth. Only together, only with coordinated resources dedicated to a mutual objective it was possible to successfully master this tremendous task. This type of collaboration which is primarily based on the altruistic allocation of the own resources is one of the fundamental success factors for organizations and companies in the global competition. A competition with a vast amount of rules which are often ambiguous for the individual. We call the ability to collaborate “teaming” and have developed successful methods to sustainably strengthen this ability.

Together you are strong.

Discipline 3: Successful Leadership

In many organization and companies there is a rising feeling of unease due to too much management and too little leadership. Controlling-reports, performance reviews and benchmarking scatter plots are helpful for making decisions. However, these instruments cannot replace trustworthy human interaction necessary to lead. The human brain does not only control rational considerations but also emotional connotations. Furthermore, it processes experiences; it recognizes patterns and allows for the learning of new things. We are certain that a key factor for success is leadership, also in team-orientated organizations with flat hierarchies because responsibility can rarely be shared. Our approach which addresses complete companies and also executives individually is based on scientific, neuropsychological findings and on decades of experience as leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians and coaches.

The brain leads with you.


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