Digital Transformation

Digitization permeates and transforms all industries and sectors of society - especially the health care sector. Shorter innovation development cycles and a world in VUCA encourage disruptions in the business model. Flexible and dynamic working methods are required to fully exploit new potentials. Digital methods help to anticipate and counteract threats at an early stage.

The challenge

On the digital test bench
Healthcare companies and institutions see themselves confronted with countless issues and challenges on the topic of digitalization.

  • What have we learned from the digitization initiatives in our company so far? What should we strengthen? Where do we need to enhance further?
  • To what extent do current or future digitalization trends and processes affect our company?
  • Which company-specific digital strategy can be used to tap potential?
  • When and how do we start a digital transformation process?
  • Which actors, inside and outside the company, must be integrated into the transformation process?
  • Which specific potential of the business model can be used?
  • How must companies change at the staff and organizational level to implement new modes of thought, work, and organization?
  • What resources and tools support a company's transformation process?

The solution

Health 4.0 and agile organisation
Companies within the healthcare industry which have already successfully transformed digitally recognized one thing early: Digitalization does not just mean upgrading and developing innovative technologies, it also includes an in-depth evolution of the entire organization (people change). Companies and organizations within the healthcare industry should not succumb to regulatory inertia, they must position themselves proactively on the market with respect to their digital strategy. A well thought out digital strategy is needed to secure a competitive advantage and make full use of available potential. This strategy should focus on megatrends, depending on the individual level and maturity of digitalization, and include the strategies of competitors.

Transformation from within
The "Transformation roadmap" specifies which goals must be implemented in which way. This includes

  • training management and employee skills,
  • establishing collaborative work processes with regard to spatial and organizational frameworks and
  • creating innovation-friendly control and decision making structures.

The constant, organization-wide development of the cultural mindset frames all activities and measures.

Our approach

Individual digitalization
We are convinced that digitalization within the company provides many benefits. However, success and failure are determined by how digital strategy and business act together: Our customer-oriented, individual process considers a company specific history, the structural and procedural characteristics, and the (regulatory) particularities of healthcare, and includes these into the development of a solution.

  • Coaching and moderation in care-related digitization projects

    Support in all areas of project management and agile coaching (based on SCRUM, design thinking methods and design sprints) for projects in the SHI or digital product or service development. Take advantage of our professional expertise in clinical care and knowledge of reimbursement mechanisms of the German healthcare system.

  • Target definition, planning and support in the transformation process

    Support in defining digital strategic goals and the development of a digital transformation roadmap; Structuring and accompanying the digital transformation process, considering the inherent specifics of the health care system.

  • Assessment of the degree of digitalization of the organization and corporate culture

    Analysis of existing digital capabilities; development of a shared prioritization of action fields (orientation with a digital compass).

  • Innovation and portfolio management

    Joint development of company-specific control mechanisms as well as decision-making and innovation structures that are appropriate for the tightly meshed innovation cycles of a digitized world. Management and steering of the overall portfolio of digitization projects.

  • Teaming and Training workshops (at employee and management level)

    Conduction of workshops for the development of a common digital mindset and for "impulse transmission". Support in the successive implementation of digital and agile ways of thinking and working (e.g. by developing use cases).

  • Trend analysis and customer understanding

    Analysis of the market environment and customer expections of an established product portfolio. Cooperative development of new digital alignment by applying agile design thinking methods, customer journeys and lean canvas.

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