Developing people and organizations

How can innovative and revolutionary technologies be fully developed? It requires companies and organizations to supply, insure, coordinate, (further) develop and improve - all in a finely tuned, closely timed, cross-sector and cross-company cooperation.

The challenge

Healthcare – a "people's business"
No other industry combines such diverse occupations in numerous organizational forms and types of companies like the healthcare industry, which leads to high system complexity with a number of influencing factors. To cope with this, it is necessary to provide the best possible care to patients and to develop valuable solutions mutually.

Success can be planned
The successful approach for companies and institutions within the healthcare industry lies in the interplay between strategy development and goal definition, modern employee management and qualification, as well as adequate resource allocation. For this, the core questions are:

  • How does collaborative cooperation with various organizational and work processes function, and how can valuable solutions for the respective customer groups (patients, relatives, service providers, etc.) be generated in coordination with strategic goals?
  • How does collaboration work in an increasingly agile environment (VUCA world), in which roles become more fluid, hierarchies flatter, and work becomes more localized and less restricted in time?
  • How can employees be suitably empowered, and how does management function in self-organized teams?
  • How can cultural changes be implemented, without unbalancing the organization?
  • How can unused opportunities and potential be utilized and obstacles overcome?

The solution

System? More than the sum of its parts!
The solution is in viewing organizations in their entirety. Only when strategies and guidelines

  • are developed with future-oriented organizational structures,
  • are implemented with adequate resource allocation,
  • are characterized by synchronized and collaborative cooperation ("teaming"), and
  • are based on a resilient cultural basis,

can organizations be successful in the long run.

Our Approach

A matter of methods
From interdisciplinary and cross-hierarchical group structures to the development of self-governing, agile teams, all the way to the individual coaching of management skills – SKC has developed a comprehensive set of methods with which companies can develop with a focus on their goals, depending on the situation and type of organization. Our process includes a coaching guide that addresses all phases of team processes.

Individual & variable
Our approach, which considers companies in their entirety as well as management individually, is based on scientific neuropsychological findings and decades of teaching experience at the world's leading business schools (including Harvard, Wharton, Tuck, TIAS), as well as on the experience of managers, entrepreneurs, and physicians.

  • Consulting and Coaching

    Systematic consultation and coaching in the area of management development

  • Transitional support

    Transitional support on the path to one agile organization via mutual training on new work methods, processes, and roles with example projects (learning by doing)

  • Team development

    Team development to reinforce collaborative and self-organizing skills ("teaming")

  • AMNOG Training

    Simulation and/or training for price negotiation teams with respect to the AMNOG procedure

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