Market Access Intelligence System

Analysis of complex connections and precedents from the AMNOG system
The MAIS-database (Market Access Intelligence System = MAIS) contains and links information on completed and ongoing benefit assessments according to §35a SGB V of the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, G-BA).

The MAIS-database records and evaluates relevant information from the dossier, the benefit assessment by IQWiG or the G-BA, the G-BA resolution as well as the Lauer-Taxe. It also contains an up-to-date overview of all procedures and their status. This gives us a comprehensive representation of the content for each procedure.

The data structure as well as the advanced search in the MAIS database create the link between contents of the AMNOG procedure and the price or rebate development of the drugs.

Furthermore, precedent analyses on study design, endpoint acceptance by all authorities, appropriate comparative therapies, added benefit, budget impact, orphan status, indication, annual therapy costs and many other points are made possible.


Further information and an example analysis can be downloaded here free of charge.

Market Access Intelligence System: MAIS-database

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