Consistent brand management strengthens the clients base for health delivery

Topic: Strengthening of the brand and improvement of the brand experience
Client: Medium-sized, nationwide active statutory health insurance


At the beginning of the project, our client was in an economically tense situation. A program for service cost reductions had just been implemented.

At the same time the customer satisfaction surveys indicated that the insurance was losing its positive standing although it had invested in individual care programs in the last few years.

SKC was assigned to support an initiative that was designed to strengthen the customer orientation and the collaboration among the employees of critical business operations in which important customer groups were involved.

Solution and approach

Studies have shown that insured persons do not rate their insurance based on individual interactions, but instead form an opinion in the course of their relationship with the insurance. Loyal customers are satisfied with the overall impression which they have built throughout the journey. Enthusiastic clients know how to tell stories with very positive impressions.

SKC used the concept of the value journey. The value journey is the client's travel together with its health insurance throughout their insurance relationship.

The value journey works well and creates value

  • for the customers, if the insurance fulfills their expectations as a healthy or sick person and gives them support when they want and need it and
  • for the health insurance, if customer satisfaction and customers' recommendations lead to an increase in loyalty and recommendation rates and if the allocation of loyal customers covers the costs throughout their entire life cycle.

In health care, typical value journeys can be identified and successfully created. Especially in care situations, insurances can demonstrate their benefits or yet lose their image or even negatively influence the brand experience.

Objective: Our aim was to re-focus the shared vision of the employees back to the customers via a few but critical interaction points which run through the entire company and for the employees to consider the customer's perspective in their actions.

Added value

The diffuse sentiment could be reduced through the joint work in key activities and the sharpening of the awareness for customer needs.

Numerous initiatives and suggestions for improvements were initiated and are still being implemented into the major customer-orientated service processes.

Customer satisfaction has demonstrably increased, so did the loyalty and the value added contributions of the relevant customers groups as multipliers.

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