Market Access Strategy

A market access strategy that has been precisely thought through and stringently implemented from the very beginning is the foundation for a fair reimbursement price for a pharmaceutical or medical technology product. This requires extensive knowledge of the market, the access process and possible hurdles.

The challenge

Overcoming hurdles
Germany plays a special role in the market access of innovations in the healthcare sector because it is the world's third largest market for pharmaceutical and medical technology products. Innovators require a solid market access strategy at an early stage. Due to the formation of international reference prices and the relatively early market access of pharmaceutical and medical technology products in Germany. Mostly, the following central questions arise:

  • How is a European market access strategy structured taking the various hurdles of national HTAs into account?
  • How can a market access strategy part for Germany be developed within this framework?
  • How can the global market access strategy be harmonised in the European context?

The solution

Taking the optimal path
Within the framework of market access and specifically early benefit assessment, SKC develops optimal strategies with its clients in the context of international plans and expectations. In doing so, we structure and steer the entire market access process.

The overall strategy serves as a decision-making aid and is an important guide for achieving predefined targets.

Our approach

Achieving your goal with our experience
We optimize the reimbursement strategy of our clients in Europe and Germany due to our extensive experience, especially with AMNOG procedures and relevant agencies (e.g. Federal Ministry of Health, Central Association of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV-SV), Joint Federal Committee (G-BA), Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System (InEK), Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG)).

  • Strategy for Value Dossiers

    Development of an overall strategy for value dossiers and transformation into profitable value messages, which are integrated into the overall benefit dossier

  • Integrated Market Access Strategy Europe

    Definition of an integrated market access strategy for Europe, taking into account the global strategy and country-specific characteristics

  • Integrated Market Access Strategy Germany

    Definition of a market access strategy for Germany that takes into account overall goals and multilateral dependencies.

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