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North Star

The North Star serves as a guidance for our everyday work at SKC.

We are led by a North Star guiding our agile working methods and continual improvement. It consists of four areas: working methods, SKC-culture, network and personnel development.

  • SKC-culture

    Our work at SKC is characterized by curiosity, respect, loyalty, openness, commitment and the knowledge that we are individually strong, but together even stronger.

    We respect and question our own possibilities, limitations and particularities as well as those of others. As a result, we grow together and together beyond ourselves.

    We at SKC are a strong team, we laugh and win together, we forgive each other mistakes.

  • Personnel development

    At SKC, we create unlimited perspectives in the company and promote our individual talents, develop our interests and broaden our horizons.

    We continue to develop in a professional, personal and human way by working on innovative topics in an international environment. 

  • Working methods

    At SKC, we use state-of-the-art technologies and innovative, science-based methods in order to apply each individual's skills in collaborative interaction.

    In this way, we develop valuable solutions for the clients' questions and gain clarity about possible obstacles and applicable framework conditions.

    This is how we develop continously and realize untapped potentials.

  • Network

    We at SKC are consultants of choice and develop strategic growth potentials for the future through our reliable network.

    We regularly exchange expertise and experience with all health care professionals and learn from each other.


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