Our Approach

Those who want to predict the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow, need sound expertise from science and medicine as well as decades of practical experience.

How we work

We get to the bottom of symptoms and start with the causes. What sets us apart is the unique combination of scientific and medical expertise with sound practical experience of many years in strategic company consultation. We believe a better, more effective, efficient and fair health care system is possible due to digital technologies, interdisciplinary networks and highest professional standards. 

Our clients have access to all of our knowledge, we advise them as experts, and we develop ideal solutions together. We focus in particular on the concept of insight - impact - trust, that has proven to be promising and in line with goals:

The cycle: insight - impact - trust

In essence, our way of working is reflected in a continuous cycle of insight, impact, and trust: We develop convincing solution concepts (impact) based on a profound understanding of the challenges and value drivers of our clients and industries (insight). Our excellence not only strengthens our partnership with clients, it also generates trust throughout the industry (trust). These connections and experiences are our source for further insight.

You can see what this means in detail in the interactive graphic:

Cycle Insight-Impact-Trust
  • Insight
    • Combination of hands-on experience, clinical plus scientific expertise and HTA know how due to an interdisciplinary team including medical experts, scientists and HTA specialists 
    • Profound understanding of care context implications
    • Extensive knowledge about the cost rationale of the payer organizations given numerous SHI-projects
    • Member of the German Evaluation Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Evaluation, DeGEval): dedicated to highest evaluation standards
    • Substantial experience in the management of complex processes and in the support and coordination of international and interdisciplinary teams
  • Impact
    • High success rate in price negotiations with the GKV-SV in the AMNOG-context
    • Closing contracts with SHIs in line with §130c und §140a SGB V
    • Exceptionally successful perception of projects supported by SKC, example: SKC-supported AMNOG-team awarded an company internal management prize (best product launch of the decade)
    • The G-BA considered procedures with SKC participation as being particularly constructive and professional
    • benefit from the experience gained with key regulatory authorities like the G-BA and the IQWIG in (early) benefit assessment processes for SKC-projects in the Pharma as well as MedTech environment
  • Trust
    • Professional, trustful and cooperative collaboration with our clients, reflected in a very high re-assignment ratio: 8 out of 10 clients contract SKC again, immediately after a project
    • High number of recommendations with various references from MedTech companies, the pharmaceutical industry as well as from payer organizations
    • Good reputation with key institutions in the German healthcare system (G-BA, GKV-SV, IQWiG, etc.)

Our Team

Interdisciplinary cooperation enriches our daily work and our clients' results.

North Star

The North Star takes us through the agile work routine.
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