We are the leading and most reputable strategy consultancy in the German health care sector.

Our motivation

We at SKC think that every activity in the health care industry should focus on the improvement of the patient's situation. We are convinced, that the best solution for a health care problem can only be found in a competitive landscape, shaped by innovation and empowered by trust.

Our approach

We improve the situations from patients by creating value in health care.

Agile & Design Thinking

Our agile work style provides maximum flexibility and time savings for our clients.

Market Access Intelligence System

Our MAIS-database contains all relevant information on the AMNOG procedures and links them for comprehensive precedent analyses.

SKC in consultation

The SKC team lives by Bertold Brecht's famous quote: "Don't be too shy to ask, don't be talked into believing, see for yourself!". In this spirit, we actively exchange information and insights with our partners in our network and challenge the status quo. With the gained knowledge and understanding, we support valuable competitive advantages for our clients.

Eco System

We are opening strategic growth potential for the future with our reliable network.

From Hannover to the world

The heart of SKC consulting beats in the capital of Hanover, Lower Saxony. From here we create value in health care for our clients in Germany and worldwide.The world map shows our (inter) national connections.

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