Strategic Due Diligence

Health care systems are complex and multi-layered constructs which must be penetrated in depth in order to place products successfully. Knowledge of history, trends and current developments in the industry environment helps innovators to integrate their products into existing systems. Based on this, decisive decisions on sustainability and marketability must be made in the innovation process.

The challenge

Confidence in the decision-making process
In order to make strategic decisions, innovators rely on hypothesis-based analyses of market potentials and business models. They are confronted with the following key questions:

  • What is the current standard of care and how is the market shaped now and in the future?
  • Which sales and price potentials can be generated with the innovation?
  • How can an innovation be tested for market suitability quickly and cost-effectively?
  • How can the value story for investors and partners be supported by valuable data ?
  • What are the barriers to market access in the respective countries?

The solution

Comprehensive knowledge of the market
Industry-specific knowledge, medical expertise and know-how about current market trends - such as the future topic of digital health - form the basis for forward-looking market intelligence. At SKC consulting, we have a deep understanding of the diseases, their care and the resulting value stream for those involved in the healthcare system.

Translating knowledge into benefits
We use these skills to enrich existing knowledge with in-depth content and quantitative data and to broaden the perspective by presenting multiple perspectives. In this way, we enable organisations to analyse and understand issues in depth. Building on this, we jointly develop and test models (e.g. prototypes) that serve as a valid basis for accelerated and transparent decisions. Coupled with our strategic vision, we enable our clients to bring their ideas to market in a targeted manner, or to find alternative paths at an early stage.

Our approach

In order to generate sustainable value from analyses, we provide you with practical and transparent content with a logical structure. We combine the latest methodological knowledge with our agile working methods to filter out decision-relevant information in iterative loops.

  • Market Landscaping

    Identification and profiling of direct and indirect competitors or digital trends


  • Market analysis and forecasting

    Systematic analysis of market data; market development and potential analyses, presentation of results and provision of research results

  • Market observation

    Observation and selection of current market developments in regular intervals

  • Systematization of different perspectives

    Change of perspectives, considerations from different stakeholder's perspectives

  • Workshops, seminars and webinars

    Mediation of content and methods (e.g. Kanban portfolios or design sprints) in workshops or seminar series on site, in webinars or scientific lectures

  • Data analyses

    Analysis of existing data and distillation to the essentials, provision of material collections

  • Business Plan

    Support with or holistic creation of business models and business plans

  • Scenario calculations

    Creation of models and scenarios for situation assessment

  • Standard of Care (SOC)

    Classification and evaluation of existing standards

  • Cost-effectiveness assessments

    Preparation of structured and stakeholder-specific cost-benefit evaluation (incl. Excel modelling) to assess and demonstrate the economic benefits and cost-effectiveness of medical products.

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