Stakeholder Management

The success factors for a sustainable market access of innovative drugs and ATMPs are often based on the detailed work and the overall synchronization of all market access activities. The effective integration of relevant stakeholders and key opinion leaders can have a decisive impact on the success of the launch and must be an integral part of a winning market access strategy.

The challenge

A multitude of stakeholders, a multitude of different interests
Hardly any other market is as fragmented as the German healthcare market in terms of its representative players and stakeholders. A large number of heterogeneous stakeholders and stakeholder groups exist, whose positions often diverge in terms of their orientation, perspective and existing interests. For pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, even identifying individually relevant stakeholders and key opinion leaders can be a challenge. Pharmaceutical companies in preparation should ask themselves the following key questions:

  • Who are my relevant stakeholders or stakeholder groups and how can I distinguish them in terms of their relevance and influence on the procedure?
  • Which stakeholders can actively be involved in the AMNOG process, support the statements of my value story and thereby strengthen my position as a pharmaceutical entrepreneur?
  • How can different stakeholders with divergent interests be convinced? Which formats are suitable and appropriate to prepare the market for the innovation in the best possible way?

The solution

Identification, characterization, and active involvement of stakeholders
Identifying relevant stakeholders early on, understanding their interests and actively engaging them can have a significant impact on the successful market access process. Different communication channels and contents should be optimally coordinated and designed in a stakeholder-specific way to create high awareness for the product and convince advocates from all relevant sectors of support. Often referred to as "secondary activity", the early incorporation of

  • patient representatives
  • physicians
  • professional associations and other relevant groups as well as
  • public awareness

plays a central role not only when introducing a new product to the market (market access), but also ensuring long-term (commercial) success (market penetration). This includes identifying the different market participants with their sometimes conflicting interests and defining suitable communication measures.



Our approach

Communicate accurately and honestly
Together with our clients, we develop individual action and communication strategies to incorporate relevant stakeholders and KOLs into the market access process at an early stage and to use them as multipliers in the AMNOG process. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive industry expertise from over twentyfive years of consultation experience within the healthcare industry and from the excellent contacts of our SKC-network.

  • Landscaping, profiling and prioritization

    Identification of individual relevant stakeholders, and key opinion leaders (patient representatives, payers, physicians, professional organizations, etc.).

  • Key Stakeholder & Key Opinion Leader Management

    Identify, convince and involve key stakeholders and key opinion leaders in the AMNOG process (e.g., in the written statement or oral hearing).

  • Communication strategy

    Development of customer communication measures and identification of suitable communication channels to incorporate the different stakeholders in order to increase the awareness in the context of German care provision.

  • Value communication

    Implementation of varied communication activities, such as introducing advisory boards, the creation of white papers, or support for PR activities that mirror and support the overall strategy.

  • Advisory boards

    Planning,organization and implementation of advisory boards with payers, professional organizations, doctors, or patient representatives within the market access process.

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