Digital strategy and agenda combine digitization initiatives

Topic: Overall digital strategy, digital agenda
Client: Statutory health insurance (>15 billion Euro budget volume)


A large statutory health insurance company was searching for a clear direction in the digitization of its company.

Individual, uncoordinated digitization initiatives already existed within the company. There was no cooperation between the individual departments and managers in these projects. A joint digital strategy did not exist either.

Solution and approach

SKC started its extensive consultancy with a landscaping of the digital trends to systematize the external perspectives.

The existing digitization initiatives were evaluated on the basis of a jointly created system. Based on this, a project portfolio was created.

The top management was brought together in joint workshops and developed a digital strategy. The more than 10,000 employees will be able to use this strategy in future digitization projects.

In addition, a digital agenda was created, combining practical application examples with the digital strategy.

Added Value

The developed digital strategy serves as an orientation framework and decision-making aid for all upcoming digitization projects.

An interdisciplinary core team has been established to coordinate the digitization initiatives within the company. The cooperation between the various departments and the exchange of knowledge between them have improved considerably as a result of the creation of the digital strategy.

The first implementation of digital creative formats, such as Design Thinking or Business Model Canvas, became very popular within the company and inspires future projects.

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