Discharge management of a rare disease

Topic: Discharge management
Client: multinational, US-based industrial company
Field of application: Rare diseases


If innovative drugs are used in hospital treatment after approval, the question often arises as to how drug therapy will be continued in the outpatient sector after patients have been discharged. In particular, specific questions of treatment application and reimbursement must be clarified and addressed.

Solution and Approach

The Customer Journey for outpatient and inpatient care was developed and the best path from the patient's point of view was chosen.

Expert interviews were carried out, whereby the perspectives of the inpatient and outpatient decision-makers (in particular social services, hospital physicians, private practitioners and SHI) could be taken into account.
Within five days, the decision-makers developed a creative solution to the problem with the help of an interactive workshop format (strategy sprint). This involved

  • displaying the User Journey,
  • sketching a solution,
  • making a selection,
  • developing a storyboard,
  • designing a mock-up and
  • performing a test with customer interviews.

SKC supported the necessary research, the setup of the mock-up and the execution of the customer interviews.

Added Value

As a solution, a convincing mock-up was created in a very short period of time. The relevance of the solution in practice was guaranteed via expert and customer interviews. The discharge management for rare diseases was sustainably improved.

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