Strategic Pricing

The price is decisive for how a new product positions itself on the market. Predicting the consequences of a price decision is the supreme discipline of strategic pricing.

The challenge

Between threat and opportunity
Pricing medication and medical technology products is, as before, one of the most important control levers for company success. Although price determination mechanisms differ from country to country, they do influence one another. The European reference pricing system for medication is an example of this fact. Accordingly, certain decisions may result in unforeseeable price spirals. Moreover, the importance of expiring blockbuster patents on pricing decisions should not be underestimated in the fight for market share. Thus, the core questions are:

  • Which options do companies have, and which relevant influencing factors should be considered?
  • Which influence does a pricing decision have on the price in other countries?

The solution

Understand connections
Reference price systems have a large effect on the business case in Europe and outside Europe (e.g. Japan). On the other hand, prices in other European countries directly affect the price in Germany with respect to reimbursement amount negotiations. Therefore, well-thought-out strategic pricing requires both knowledge of all influencing factors by the individual HTAs and of the interdependence of countries between one another.

Our Approach

Decisions arise from eventualities
SKC systematically deciphers the various dependencies in the European reference pricing system and presents them transparently in realistic scenarios. This gives pricing decisions makers complete confidence.

Across national borders and obstacles
Our experience shows that communicating the specific complexity of the German market to headquarters represents a special challenge. For this reason, SKC also supports coordination with European and international organizations and, when necessary, conducts its own market research on pricing.

  • Strategy creation

    Creation of market access strategies, pricing and contract strategies, positioning strategies, or go-to-market strategies.

  • Market landscaping

    Identification and profiling of direct and indirect competitors or digital trends

  • Price and discount management

    Management of prices and discounts along the entire life cycle

  • Commercial due diligence

    Thorough due diligence for our clients' projects

  • Pricing negotiations

    Simulation, strategic support and handling of pricing negotiations

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