Leadership strategy and executives development

Topic: Management development
Client: Large statutory health insurance company active throughout Germany


As a result of increasing competition and the associated strategic decision-making, demands on managers have massively increased.

A major merger has brought together two different business and management cultures which need to be made to work together.

The company's attractiveness as an employer was below average.

Solution and approach

In an initial analysis, the existing staff development components (processes, structures, content) were identified, analyzed and benchmarked against best practice inside and outside the sector.

Top management and personnel representatives met to determine the demands on managers on the basis of the company's strategic goals and to align these with the sociopsychological developments within the company.

Next a matrix was devised for evaluating and prioritizing the different organizational options for future management and personnel development.

Finally, a roadmap was drawn up for bundling the different work packages, responsibilities and the resources required in a logical timeframe.

Added value

Personnel and management development has been completely re-organized, additional posts have been created and professional development, which was long a standalone activity, has been suitably integrated in order to permit holistic strategic action.

The other personnel functions (HR management, HR law) have been more directly dovetailed with personnel development and the potential for efficiency has been enhanced.

Strategic cooperation has been set up with universities and institutes, both to keep up to date with personnel development and for accessing the recruitment pool of the younger generation of managers.

Career paths within the company have been made much more flexible and dynamic, in order to retain or even win back proficient employees.

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