Value assessment and value story for a digital solution

Topic: "Benefit assessment", Value story for a digital solution
Client: Statutory health insurances
Field of application: diabetes, heart failure, etc.


A digital solution already existed, which was to be converted into a complex and cost-intensive prototype in the next step. Before scaling the prototype, the benefit of the application should be clearly evaluated.

Solution and Approach

Quantitative and qualitative benefit assessments were carried out on the basis of customer journeys for the areas "discharge management", "diabetes", "heart failure" and "medication management outpatient/inpatient". A user model was established.
A "value dossier" was prepared for the regulator. SKC took over responsibility for

  • all data analyses,
  • the elevation,
  • the concept development,
  • medical writing and
  • the evidence for the value story.

Added Value

The story of the added value of the product could be convincingly transferred to all stakeholders at an early stage with the help of the value story.

The benefit assessment and the user model made it possible to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the digital solution before scaling the prototype.

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