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It can be a difficult path before digital applications can find their footing within the healthcare sector. SKC knows how digital healthcare products can master legal and market-specific hurdles.

The Challenge

Innovation brakes for digital healthcare products
As digitalization moves along, more and more young, highly innovative, and agile companies are appearing – in an environment that had been determined by established players until now. With digital healthcare products (e.g. health apps), even small startups have great potential in disrupting the German "health market". However, they see themselves confronted with a rigid status quo: The health sector continues to prefer trusting "analog" instead of digital practices and products. In addition, the regulatory framework also impedes the wheels of innovation.

Startups and companies with innovative, digital applications should therefore ask themselves the following questions:

  • How can technologies that were not developed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements still be introduced successfully to the German market?
  • How can product development be perfected in such a way that a digital solution – despite missing generally recognized quality criteria – meet the requirements of compulsory health insurance, making integration into reimbursement possible?
  • What forms of cooperation and which partners are suitable for the best market introduction and penetration?
  • How can the professionalism of startups as well as the quality, level of sophistication, and potential of digital applications be evaluated realistically?
  • How can new products be integrated successfully into existing solutions?

The solution

Market and legal requirements
The central element of the successful market introduction and penetration of a digital healthcare product is to determine the purpose early and with a view towards the long term: This includes

  • the clarification of important implications for legal market approval (such as: "Does this concern a medical product or do conditions per MPG and MDR apply?"), and
  • the promotion of product development that is focused on the customer or target group.

The earlier a product concept is developed, the easier it is to include relevant actors such as service providers or compulsory health insurance providers.

Our Approach

Upgrade for digital-healthcare-products
Whether you are a startup, global player, service provider, or statutory health insurance provider, SKC supports strategic development and market and reimbursement access by anticipating and integrating all relevant perspectives.

  • Digital fitness check

    Initial classification of the product with respect to meeting (quality) requirements in consideration of company-specific market strategies

  • Rapid prototyping

    Support during the design, planning, and implementation of rapid prototyping units for early surveys of customer feedback (e.g. using the design sprint approach)

  • Digital healthcare product development

    Business model development and review for digital healthcare offers

  • Reimbursement options

    Determination of potential reimbursement options for digital health products

  • Trend Analysis

    Technological "location tracking" via industry-specific and comprehensive trend analysis

  • Stakeholder management

    Mobilization of relevant stakeholder groups

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