AMNOG orphan tracker

In our orphan tracker, we examine ongoing AMNOG procedures for orphan drugs.
SKC's AMNOG orphan tracker records the most important changes to all orphan drug procedures during and after the AMNOG for an efficient overview on a bimonthly basis.

Highest added benefit, negotiated rebate and much more

The AMNOG orphan tracker provides all essential information about

  • New AMNOG orphan drug procedures (active ingredient, trade name, reason for submission, indication)
  • Completed AMNOG orphan drug procedures (active ingredient, trade name, indication, highest additional benefit) and
  • New rebates for AMNOG orphan drug procedures (active ingredient, trade name, indication, highest added benefit, negotiated rebate)

The SKC Insights offer you further details on exciting AMNOG analyses.

The analyses are generated by data from SKC's proprietary MAIS database.


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AMNOG orphan tracker July / August 2023
ATMPs continue to appear in the AMNOG landscape: for one ATMP each, a new trial has been started (Yescarta®) and completed (Carvykti®) and a rebate has been negotiated (Yescarta®).
AMNOG orphan tracker May / June 2023
The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) demanded a routine practice data collection for Hemgenix®, two AMNOG procedures have been completed and Novartis announced that the EU approval for Adakveo® will be withdrawn.
AMNOG orphan tracker March / April 2023
ATMPs are becoming ever more present: A new ATMP procedure has been launched with Ebvallo®. Furthermore Roctavian® and Tecartus® were both given a non-quantifiable additional benefit and a reimbursement amount was set for Abecma®.

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