Agile market access

The agile AMNOG dossier updated

Kielhorn-Schönermark, H., Zavatta, E., Sake, S., Hantke, I. (2022)

market access & health policy 05/2022


The market access in Germany is and remains one of the biggest and most important challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. The system is extremely complex: the smallest decisions on chosen paths can have significant implications for the direction and potential overall success. In addition, the system itself is also subject to inherent changes that pharmaceutical entrepreneurs (pU) are often confronted with unprepared during their individual missions. Fortunately, it has been proven that agile working can lead to significant efficiency and outcome improvements despite the multi-layered and complex challenges of market access for drugs & ATMPs (advanced therapy medicinal products).


Here you can download our publication (only in German language) free of charge.

Market Access unter agilen Bedingungen - Ein Update zum agilen AMNOG Dossier
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