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Video interview on EU HTA

Mon, 2024 / 06 / 03
Insightful discussion with Prof. Dr. Matthias P. Schönermark, founder and managing director of SKC, and Oznur Seyhun, Partner & Anchorwoman at Market Access Today.

Video interview on EU HTA

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The interview covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Prof. Dr. Matthias P. Schönermark: Discover the impressive career journey of Prof. Schönermark and his significant contributions to the field of health technology assessment (HTA).
  • Impact of European HTA Regulation: With the European Health Technology Assessment Regulation now effective for oncology drugs and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), Prof. Schönermark discusses the anticipated impacts on industry practices and patient access.
  • Implications of the Implementing Act: After some delays, the Implementing Act on the Design of Joint Clinical Assessments was recently published in April. Learn about its implications and how it is prepared to enhance the implementation of the European HTA Regulation across Member States.
  • Future Trends in Patient Access: Prof. Schönermark outlines the trends he foresees in Europe regarding securing adequately funded patient access and how he sees the European HTA fitting within the broader organization. 

Source: Market Access Today

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Prof. Matthias P. Schönermark, M.D., Ph.D.
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EU HTA: European Health Technology Assessment (JCA)

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