#10 Digital Health Talk Hannover

App on prescription - since October 2020, health insurers have been covering the costs of 31 different digital health applications (DiGA), from migraine apps to digital nutrition coaches. But how do companies successfully navigate the path to reimbursement?
Hannover, Germany, 10.06.2022

In a 25-minute live talk, Cornelia Körber, project manager industry development at hannoverimpuls, will lead the discussion with Dr. Veronica Gobulinski from one of Germany's statutory health insurances, AOK Niedersachsen, and Prof. Matthias P. Schönermark, M.D., Ph.D., managing director of SKC. They will discuss the state-of-the-art of the reimbursement situation for DiGAs.

The Digital Health Talk Hannover is an event series organised by hannoverimpuls. You can register for this Zoom webinar for free.

Source: Hannoverimpuls - Digital Health Talk

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Prof. Matthias P. Schönermark, M.D., Ph.D.
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