Medical Data Management

Schönermark, P.
Medical Data Management – Approach, Concepts, Strategic and Operative Implications
Laryngo-Rhino-Oto 2019; 98: S1-S17, Thieme Verlag


The collection, analysis and management of clinical data with electronic applications has already widely been used. The digitalization of medical records is expected to bear significant potentials for the increase of clinical efficiency and effectiveness. This has led to numerous legal initiatives by policymakers and healthcare systems in many countries to secure the spatially inclusive and comprehensive establishment of electronic health records in preferably all medical entities. The following article describes the principles of electronic medical data management and exemplifies the different approaches which are followed internationally. Furthermore, it discusses how medical data management systems create value in terms of higher clinical quality or lower treatment and administrative costs. And finally, the strategic and operative implications are deducted and concrete opportunities for action are described how the introduction of electronic health records may be optimally structured.

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