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Digital transformation as a strategic challenge

Kasper, B., Kielhorn, H., Schönermark, M.
Digital transformation as a strategic challenge
M.A. Pfannstiel et al. (Hrsg.), Consulting im Gesundheitswesen, S.79-100, Springer Fachmedien 2020


Information is an essential constituent of medical care. For instance, diagnosis requires the generation of numerous amounts of data which are bundled and evaluated. Moreover, medical history information which documents the course of an illness is key to efficient medical diagnosis. Therefore, a key element for effective diagnosis, payment and reimbursement process is information flow. The constantly advancing digital technologies can ensure an efficient transfer of information between all parties involved in healthcare. Consequently, it becomes clearer that digital technologies disrupt the entire healthcare system and drive change. The following article clarifies which strategic adaptations are required by companies and organizations in the healthcare sector to maintain competitiveness and growth under the disruptive digital technologies. Moreover, the article discusses the traditionally conservative healthcare industry and which cultural changes are required to achieve a digital mindset. Finally, using the digital transformation of the statutory health insurance as an example, the article illustrates which methods can be employed to balance opportunities and risks for the implementation and operationalization of a digital agenda.

About the book
The service portfolio of management consultancy firms represents an essential economic factor. The digital transformation and the specific market structure of the healthcare industry demands for differentiated consulting approaches which open different consulting fields and empower the growth of management consultancy firms in this segment. The book highlights the different thematic areas and the success factors of consulting projects in this segment. Moreover, the book focuses on the approaches essential for meeting the diverse change requirements in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry.

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