EUnetHTA 21 deliverables

Timelines for facilitating a future EU HTA system

Tue, 2022 / 05 / 31
In 2004, the European Commission and Council of Ministers declared Health Technology Assessment (HTA) "a potential priority" and recognized "an urgent need for establishing a sustainable European network on HTA". Consequently, the European Network of Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) was formed in response to a Commission call the following year. Starting with the EUnetHTA Project, the joint work was continued over the years within the framework of the EUnetHTA Collaboration, the EUnetHTA Joint Action 1, 2 and 3 and currently EUnetHTA 21.

The EUnetHTA 21 consortium consists of the following national HTA bodies, led by the ZIN (The Netherlands):

  • AEMPS (Spain)
  • AIFA (Italy)
  • AIHTA (Austria)
  • G-BA (Germany)
  • HAS (France)
  • INFARMED (Portugal)
  • IQWIG (Germany)
  • KCE (Belgium)
  • NCPE (Ireland)
  • NIPN (Hungary)
  • NOMA (Norway)
  • TLV (Sweden)
  • ZIN (The Netherlands)

Since it was established in September 2021, EUnetHTA 21 follows up on the gains and insights of the previous projects and focuses on facilitating a future EU HTA system. This is urgently needed as the European regulation on HTA (EU-HTA regulation) came into force on January 11th 2022 and tertiary legal acts as well as guidance documents are currently not available.

All deliverables, the current timeline for public consultation and finalization of draft documents are summarized below (Figure 1 and Figure 2) and regularly updated on the EUnetHTA webpage.

EUnetHTA project plan timelines

Figure 1: Methodological Deliverables and Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA)/ Collaborative Assessments (CA)

Figure 2: Joint Scientific Consultations (JSC) and Transversal Activities

SKC closely follows the development of guidance documents and actively participates in the public consultations. Thus, on May 30th 2022 we have submitted our comments on the draft sub-deliverables D4.2 Scoping process and D4.3.2 Methodological guideline on direct and indirect comparisons. If you are interested in our position on the draft sub-deliverables, we would be pleased to hear from you and will be happy to provide you with our written statement on request.

We encourage all stakeholders to also get involved to facilitate the smoothest possible transition from national to EU-HTA and ensure a clear and effective guidance for the European assessment of health technologies.


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