Mobilizing the market

What is needed to introduce a new product successful to the market? This question requires both a deep understanding of the market as well as knowledge of all key participants. This is the only way to identify patients, to understand the requirements of the outpatient and inpatient sector, and to ensure the application or prescription of the product.

The challenge

Active from the beginning
The first months after launch should be used to position and establish the product as everyday care, whereby the early incorporation of the various stakeholders is decisive.
The essential core questions in this context are:

  • Who are the relevant stakeholders in Germany, and which perspectives do they represent?
  • How can the various interests (internal and external) be included and addressed?
  • What are the relevant value messages, and what is the best way to communicate them?
  • How can stakeholders be incorporated into the different phases profitably?

Our solution

Identify stakeholders
The significance of market mobilization cannot be underestimated, nor can the clearly defined activities of a market access process, which is strictly regulated and officially prescribed. Often referred to as "secondary activity", the early incorporation of

  • patient representatives
  • physicians
  • professional associations and other relevant groups as well as
  • public awareness

plays a central role not only when introducing a new product to the market (market access), but also ensuring long-term (commercial) success (market penetration). This includes identifying the different market participants with their sometimes conflicting interests and taking suitable communication measures.



Market penetration
An essential component of preparation and mobilization for the German market consists of addressing stakeholders early and incorporating them into the market access process. To do so, the various communication channels and content must be coordinated in an optimal manner in order to create high awareness of the product and establish support from all relevant areas. The most significant factors for success include:

  • the development, implementation, and publication of a product-specific value story,
  • communication that is customized to the stakeholder and contains key topics, and
  • the planning and implementation of various communication approaches like advisory boards, payer adboards, or PR campaigns.

Our approach

Communicate accurately

After an intense analysis of the market and working out the landscape of the various stakeholders, we create custom measures and a communication plan in cooperation with our clients. All relevant stakeholders, decision makers, and multiplicators are incorporated into this process early. In addition, our clients profit from our comprehensive industry expertise from over fourteen years of consultation experience within the healthcare industry. In doing so, we make targeted use of excellent contacts in the SKC network in order to effectively position crucial messages.

  • Landscaping, profiling and prioritization

    Analysis of the respective process (e.g. early benefit assessment), participating stakeholders, and key players (patient representatives, payers, physicians, professional organizations, etc.)

  • Planning the communication strategy

    Development of customer communication measures and identification of suitable communication channels to incorporate the different groups and increase awareness in the context of German care provision

  • Preparation of the communication strategy

    Preparation and review of communication materials adapted to the stakeholder for a customized approach

  • Implementation of the communication strategy

    Implementation of varied communication activities, such as introducing advisory boards, the creation of white papers, or support for PR activities that mirror and support the overall strategy

  • Advisory boards

    Planning and organization of advisory boards with payers, professional organizations, doctors, or patient representatives

  • Value story

    Adaptation of the product-specific value story by incorporating the perspectives of the different participants such as medical associations and patient

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